XXXIV British National Hot Air Ballooning Championships



August 1st - 7th, 2011 - Berkeley, Gloucestershire

Copyright Exclusive Ballooning 2011


British National Championships Spectator Guide...


Please see below some general information for spectators. During the event the LIVE BLOG will carry updates for each flight giving you tips on where you can view the balloons.


Where will the flying take place?

This will depend on the wind direction, we hope most of the flying will take place from the Newport and Berkeley area. The prevailing winds will normally take us towards Dursley. However, there are several launch sites throughout the Vale and also as far as Stroud, Gloucester and Cirencester.


Where can we spectate?

As the main launch site is private property and also for safety reasons, you are not permitted to enter the launch field. However, you will be able to follow the balloons across the Vale of Berkeley. One of our launch site options is Canon Park, Berkeley and spectators are welcome here but must stay behind the perimeter railing.


What times?

Launch times will be around 6am and 7pm but this will depend on the weather. Again, information will be posted on this website. Balloons need to avoid the thermal activity that creates gusty conditions as so they must fly at the calmest points of the day - dawn and dusk.


Can I buy a flight?

Not at this event. If you would like to fly in the area please visit or call Exclusive Ballooning on 01453 511280.